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LYC bearing identification method

2018-11-14 19:20:29

First, identify from the product certification

1. The LYC bearing certificate is printed with 80g double-adhesive paper. The certificate size is A4 paper ÷8. The labels are printed neatly, the thickness is uniform, and the font is clear.

2. The certificate with the light blue background printed with ISO9001 quality system is printed on the top of the certificate. The middle is the black text on the white background, marked with “product certificate, bearing model, technical conditions, inspector, packaging day”.

Period, security code, the bottom is LYC and Chinese and English Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. The back of the light blue background black body "rolling bearing instructions" at the bottom is black printed "customer service phone, anti-counterfeiting phone number

And security check URL."

3, from the current discovery of counterfeit LYC certificate is a variety of marks are seals, and the certificate is a different type of paper, the counterfeit form has "Luo axis group, the original Luoyang bearing factory, LYC Luoyang bearing (

Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly Luoyang Bearing Factory) and other words.

4. Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. is now using the certificate form as follows:

Second, identify the quantity from the certificate

1. LYC bearing stipulates that the number of rolls or the number of cylinders per box shall be placed on the top of the package;

2. All bearing certificates are not placed in the bearing cylinder or in the bearing coil;

3, LYC bearing single-pack bearing each set of a certificate, placed in the middle of kraft paper and inner packaging.

Third, identification from the bearing model and trademark printing

1. The LYC bearing mark is halved, generally located on the non-reference surface, and is marked with “LYC and bearing model, using electro-erosion lettering or electro-erosion machine printing”, the font specification is clear; the deformed product trademark and type

No. on the cover, retainer, retaining ring, seal on both sides of the end cover, and handwriting specifications, mechanical typing, font deep concave, uniform depth.

2, counterfeit LYC bearings are generally manual brushing, glyphs are not standardized, there are misplaced writings, and there are traces of acid corrosion.

Fourth, the identification from the box

1. Packing box: The appearance of LYC bearing packing box is blue and white, and the packing tape is marked with LYC trademark in white and blue characters, and it is heat-sealed together.

2. The label of “LYC” is marked on the cover of the box. The label on the side of the box is labeled “Special model, quantity, date of manufacture” and “LYC, beware of counterfeiting, report and prize, anti-counterfeiting code see certificate”

The symmetrical side is printed with the "moisture-proof, storage and transportation" logo, and the words "Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (formerly Luoyang Bearing Factory) are printed on the bottom; the other side is symmetrical with "LYC, ISO9001 international quality certification,

Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (formerly Luoyang Bearing Factory), Address: No. 96 Jianshe Road, Luoyang City, telephone (0379) 64896517, 64928742".

3. Kraft paper and plastic cloth are packaged in rolls, and the packaging is neat;

4. Counterfeit bearings are mostly used in raw plastic packaging, and the overall packaging appearance is poor;

Fifth, identify from the appearance of the bearing

1. LYC bearing is exquisite and beautiful, the color of the finish is blue, clean and flexible; the marking standard is uniform and the font is clear;

2, counterfeit LYC bearings from the current processing point of view, the font is not standardized, especially the trademark fonts are diverse;

Sixth, other

1. When consumers have doubts about purchasing or using LYC bearings, they can directly dial LYC's voice inquiry system or complaint telephone;

2. Welcome consumers to provide and report sales and counterfeiting, and we jointly safeguard the entire rights and interests of consumers. (confidential to incoming calls)

LYC bearing identification method